‘China Culpable For COVID-19, Has Corrupted WHO That Needs Reform From Top To Bottom’

>NEW DELHI: The Coronavirus could have been contained in the very beginning in Wuhan where it originated but China didn’t let the world know in December when the outbreak began, says Anders Corr, publisher of the Journal of Political Risk. Speaking to StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale, Corr, who’s principal of Corr Analytics that provides analysis to government and business clients, with a focus on strategic and international political risk, says China is culpable for the viral outbreak that has left many dead, crippled economies worldwide and confined people to their homes for months. China’s assets in various countries should be attached, he says. While batting for Taiwan’s return to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Corr feels the organisation is totally corrupted by China. “It needs a real reform from top to bottom. People like Dr Tedros, who have proven to be overly influenced by China, need to be kicked out. We need honest people who can’t be influenced by China’s tactics,” he says. He also talks about a nexus between China and some of the lead financial players/bureaucrats in the United States, saying that has led the U.S. government to go ‘soft on China’.