Author, thought leader, strategic analyst, forty years in conflict reporting, media trainer, and a media entrepreneur.

Nitin A Gokhale founded (BSI) in November 2015. BSI is a both unique and first-of-its-kind portal that is pursuing the objective of supporting India’s quest for self-reliance in Defence since its inception.  The website is a maiden effort at congregating the achievements and potential of the Indian Defence Industry (IDI) and presenting them in the public domain.

Nitin also launched in Jan 2020. This is an Indian niche venture that has established itself as an online media house that provides a judicious mix of on-ground reporting and in-depth analysis of events as they happen, in the strategic affairs, foreign policy and defence space. StratNews Global, or SNG, aims to expand understanding of strategic issues, international relations and security matters among common citizens and not just specialists.


Nitin A. Gokhale: Author, thought leader and one of South Asia’s leading strategic analysts,  Nitin A. Gokhale has forty years of rich and varied experience behind him as a conflict reporter, Editor, author and now a media entrepreneur who owns and curates two important digital platforms, and focusing on national security, strategic affairs and foreign policy matters.

At the beginning of his long and distinguished career, Gokhale has lived and reported from India’s North-east for 23 years, writing and analysing various insurgencies in the region, been on the ground at Kargil in the summer of 1999 during the India-Pakistan war, and also brought live reports from Sri Lanka’s Eelam War IV between 2006-2009.

Author of a dozen books on wars, insurgencies and conflicts, Gokhale relocated to Delhi in 2006, was Security and Strategic Affairs Editor at NDTV, a leading Indian broadcaster for nine years, before launching in 2015 his own digital properties.

 An alumni of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies in Hawaii, Gokhale now writes, lectures and analyses security and strategic matters in Indo-Pacific and travels regularly to US, Europe, South and South-East Asia to speak at various international seminars and conferences.

Gokhale also teaches at India’s Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), the three war colleges, India’s National Defence College, College of Defence Management and the intelligence schools of both the R&AW and Intelligence Bureau.
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Watch the latest episode of Policy Square!! Primus Partners had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Nitin A. Gokhale, founder of BharatShakti and Strat News Global. Mr. Gokhale has spent good amount of time in the North East and has been a ground reporter covering Kargill and Sri Lanka. In this episode we dive into the intense relations between India and China, Russo-Ukraine war and the fall of insurgent groups in the North-East. Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war has already led to increase in inflation and made the economy very unpredictable. China being quite aggressive past few years – be it Dokolam, Chumar or Ladakh creates an additional problem for India. India shares 2nd longest border with China after Bangladesh. With the increasing tension on Indo-China Border India needs to analyse the Russo-Ukraine war carefully and prepare themselves in accordance with the new warfare techniques maintaining diplomatic relations with China.  


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