The Hot Brew by Nitin A. Gokhale




The Hot Brew is Nitin Gokhale’s first book, published by Spectrum Publications on 01 Jan 1998.

The book takes readers through the Assam tea industry’s
most turbulent decade, from 1987 to 1997.

How insurgents targeted tea estate owners and executives, and killed, kidnapped for ransom and bashfully extorted money by levying tax on produce has been articulated in the book. It is a short read – only 154 pages – but reads like a thriller.

Nitin Gokhale, who started his career in journalism in 1983 in Guwahati and reported on the North East for 23 years, was witness to everything that happened in that decade and was reporting on it on a daily basis. He could thus complete the book in less than a month!

The book is still relevant to understand insurgency – how easily insurgents can take control of a largely neglected area – and also the manner in which the tea industry functioned during those post colonial years.