Why this Blog

For years, I have watched colleagues more internet savvy than me blog and express their views freely.

I never had the courage or inclination to start one. So why this blog? And why now?

Two reasons: One, I like to write and two, I have opinions.

Which I want to express.

And news television in India by its very nature, has limited time for news, let alone any views!

So here goes.

I intend to write intermittently; post some of the news stories I do for television and upload some of my pieces written for websites run or headed by friends.

If there is an overload of nostalgia, readers will surely forgive me looking at the time I have spent as a hack,as a journo interested in issues ranging from India’s North-east (least understood in the Indian media) to defence matters and from movies to music.

Actually, mine has been a journey from Telegram to Twitter (possible title for my future book, which I want to patent)!

Yes, I started off when news used to be transmitted through telegrams and have arrived at a stage when twitter is the fastest way of communicating news.

Yes, I am that ancient!!

And yes, I still get excited by news breaks and scoops; by beating the competition in a fair manner; by seeing my by-line in print or seeing myself on television reporting from far off, difficult places.

So suffer me, if you must for my occasional diary jottings are going to be online from now on!!

Happy surfing!!

  1. November 23, 2011 -

    Fantastic dad. On the right track…

  2. November 25, 2011 -

    Nitin, Let me be the second to comment. We have now worked together for some years. I continue to admire your steadfastness and sense of balance. Also your passion for doing what you feel strongly about. I see myself in that mould albeit still quite stilted. Great to see you on your own Blog. I for one will be a regular commentator, so you have to tolerate me. Ata Hasnain

  3. December 1, 2011 -

    Gen. Hasnain,thanks for your observation. I 100 per cent agree on the traits that we seem to share!! Please continue to comment whenever you get time. I will try and contribute as much as I can.